The Perfect Tortillas to Make a Delicious Meal

Our Fresh Tortillas Make The Very Best Addition to Any Meal

Delicious Flour and Corn Tortillas

Oh...YUM! Can't You Just Taste The Deliciousness of Our Tortillas!


dreamstime_6276699Our Tortillas make for a delightful addition to almost any meal.  With only the freshest ingredients, we know you'll be delighted with their taste and texture. 

Our corn tortillas have a wonderful, rich, Aztec flavor.  We grind our own corn to make the highest quality corn tortillas.  Serapios corn tortias are perfect for enchildas, flautas, and chilaquiles.  They're low fat too.

Our flour tortillas are soft, great for tacos and burritos, with that fresh-baked taste.   All our clients rave about the delicious Mexican recipies they cook up with our flour tortillas. Did you know that you can fill Serapio's flour tortillas with your favorite ingrediants for a quick, healthy meal? Fill t hem with seafood, your favorite egg creation, or even fruit.  And - the result - a quick, delicious meal. 

With Serapio's tortillas, you can rest assured that only the finest ingrediants are used.